Welcome to the World of Video Production

Videos are a great opportunity to approach people and get attention - videos can inform, entertain and inspire. Video production also known as videography is the technical process of creating video by capturing moving images, and editing parts of this video in post-production. Marketing videos are used to promote an organization or product and create awareness among consumers. We offer a wide range of video production from television advertisement to internet commercials and viral videos.

Nowadays it is more important to have videos than ever before. No matter what industry or service - videos can be found everywhere - on the internet, in exhibitions, in shops, implemented in presentations or on TV. If you want to look professional a proper video is a must. Video helps to promote your products or service, impress your clients and increase your sales.

Max Scholl is an expert in producing marketing videos for companies and executives to better engage their clients and customers. He works with corporations, hotels, professional service firms, professionals and entrepreneurs to find the best way to promote products or service.

Corporate video production covers a wide range of purposes from corporate communication, training and education, videotaping conferences and conventions, products, services and sales. As the internet develops video is having a changing application too. Videos are the second biggest search engine on the internet (YouTube) second to Google. Video Production with SEO and internet focus is a new thing on the web. Internet video production simply refers to videos that are used on websites. Video content is being used in an ever growing range of scenarios on websites in order to help users achieve their goals. There are testimonial videos, web presenter videos, help section videos, interviews with well known industry experts, parody videos, product demonstrations, training videos, thank you videos and apology videos. A viral video is a video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email.

Video Production in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Taiwan

Since 2005 Max has been focusing on the Asian market, working on projects mostly in Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Singapore, Shanghai and other places in China and South East Asia.

Showreel 2016 from Max Scholl on Vimeo.

Post Production

Post production begins when your camera stops rolling. Video editing allows you to assemble all of your shots into one cohesive story, along with the ability to color correct, add effects, titles, voice over and music. You can mimic Hollywood movie effects by chroma keying, using green screens, creating your own titles, adding mattes and time remapping. Sound editing is the process of cleaning up audio, adding effects and music, and performing any other sweetening that your audio may need. Editing your sound is a great way to get evenly mixed audio that sounds professional.

15 Reasons to produce a video

Delivering your corporate message by using video is now easy and affordable. We manage all aspects of your video projects. From initial concept to production we offer a wide range of creative services. The result is content that is tightly integrated into your marketing strategy.

1. Perfect introduction - Films create interest in your products, services or company - the better the film the more curious the audience will get.

2. Clear information - Film can provide clear information in a short time and can visualize complex topics.

3. Film presents and represents - A video shows how you would like to see your business and how you would like others to see your business.

4. Films creates athmospheres - Films can be emotional and inspiring.

5. Easy understanding - It is easier to understand things that you can hear and see and helps you to remember.

6. Film convinces - No other medium is better to influence people in a positive way. Seeing is believing.

7. Film is entertaining - Film is exciting. Everbybody likes to watch films.

8. Film inspires - Film can focus your own view of your company.

9. Film is the state of the art medium - Nowadays films can be distributed through internet easily. How many people watch films on the internet daily?

10. Film enhances your corporate identity - More people will know you.

11. Films wakes you up - Films appear motivating for body and soul.

12. Films are easy to distribute - The Internet is getting faster and faster. It was never easier to distribute your message.

13. Films approach your target clients - Films can be edited according to the special requirements of your target clients.

14. Films also work during the crisis - It was never more important to develope trust for your clients than in the hard times of economic crises. Any crisis can be an opportunity for you to position yourself on the market.

15. Films give your companay and identity and motivates your employees - Yes, your staff will identify themselves more with the company if they see and believe in the company philosophy.


If you are interested in video production please do not hesitate to contact us. Every video starts with an idea. We need to know your targets and goals and from there can support you to devlope a concept that match your specific requirements. With a script we can plan the shooting including cast, equipment, crew, location and the post production. How fast this process works always depends on the exact requirements and the cooperation and communication. Please do not hesitate to contact us for details - a professional video might take less time and costs as you think. We are happy to arrange a meeting with you see how we could help.

Timelapse and Hyperlapse

Timelapse and Hyperlapse videos become more and more popular throughout social media, please check the Shenzhen Hyperlapse project if you are interested.

Hotel Videos

Max has rich experience in shooting promotional videos for 5 star hotels such as Four Seasons, Intertontinental, Grand Hyatt or Wynn.

Kickstarter Videos

Crowdfunding gets more and more popular and the key to a successul campaign is a convincing video - no matter whether you use kickstarter, indiegogo or any other platform. Our crowdfunding videos have been watched more than 7 million times and raised more than half a million USD.


Type of videos

  • Corporate videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Product videos
  • Advertising
  • Internet videos
  • Viral Videos
  • Event videos
  • Documentary
  • Interviews
  • TV Shows
  • Instruction videos
  • Educational videos
  • Timelapse
  • Hyperlapse
  • 2d Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Aerial Phtotgraphy
  • Kickstarter Video


  • Screenwriting
  • Non-Linear-Editing
  • Audio-, HF- and Light Engineering
  • Filming / Camera work
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Post Production
  • Effects and Animation
  • Sound Design